Louis Vuitton, Menswear Collection 2024

One of the most anticipated shows of the season is the debut of Pharrell Williams collections at Louis Vuitton. The show was held on the Pont Neuf Bridge, the oldest in the French capital and overlooking the brand’s studio.

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New Creative Director

The appointment of Pharrell Williams as creative director of Louis Vuitton has stirred up the fashion world. Many famous personalities expressed their bewilderment about this decision. Yes, Pharrell did not receive an education as a fashion designer. But the 13-time Grammy winner already had experience in the fashion world: Marc Jacobs, Moncler, and Chanel. Of course, it is worth mentioning his collaboration with the Adidas brand – sneakers with his design were a great success. By the way, they were very comfortable.

The new creative director of the Louis Vuitton men’s line is a famous singer and successful designer. Pharrell Williams presented the first spring-summer collection for the fashion house as part of Paris Fashion Week. The show took place on the Pont Neuf Bridge, which begins at the foot of the brand headquarters. Even though Louis Vuitton usually arranges shows on Thursdays, this time the show took place on Tuesday, June 20.

Williams has previously collaborated with the fashion house Louis Vuitton, for the first time in 2004. Then the musician created a line of sunglasses for the brand, whose creative director at that time was Marc Jacobs. In 2008, Farrell’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton continued. He, together with the brand’s jewelry consultant Camilla Micheli, presented a collection of jewelry called Blason.

Unique Sunglasses

Pharrell Williams, known for his hit “Happy”, showed off a pair of exclusive Tiffany & Co sunglasses. These unique shades were carefully crafted from 18-karat yellow gold and decorated with more than 20-karat baguette diamonds, according to GQ. The teardrop-shaped frame is pointing upwards, and the lenses have a smooth jet-black design. These luxurious sunglasses perfectly complemented Williams’ ensemble. Which consisted of a leather suit in pixelated green-brown and black tones reminiscent of camouflage.

About the Collection

The collection was turned towards the sun, and it revolved around it — as a symbol of opportunities and improvement. For Farrell, the sun is also a universal source of life: a radiance that energizes, heals, and unites people of different cultures and faiths.

Hence, there are a lot of warm palettes, shiny surfaces, and the yellow itself. As well as everything that immediately sends an experienced viewer and fan of the brand on a journey through the waves of memory. For example, the historical Marque L. Vuitton Déposée logo. Which could be seen on bags and denim jackets, Damier’s signature checkers in various color interpretations. And even the iconic Speedy bag. The latter appeared not only in the same sunny shade but also in red, blue, and green.

There was a lot from Williams himself: streetwear, echoes of rap culture, a beret beloved by the artist-designer, and reinterpreted camouflage – 21 images in blurred or pixel versions at once. Farrell noted that before us is “camouflage”, that is, the union of Damier checkers and camouflage. Let it be so.

At a fashion show on the historic Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, Williams presented a collection telling his personal story. The show highlights the connection between Paris and Virginia, Williams’ hometown, and pays homage to his time at Princess Anne High School and his career in the fashion industry. Combining American university jackets with Parisian craftsmanship, the collection embodies a transformational experience and a fusion of various influences.

Louis Vuitton has introduced a new culture known as LVERS, which embodies warmth, well-being, and inclusivity. This culture serves as a link between people all over the world who value the fundamental principles of the House — insight, know-how, and iconic elements. Louis Vuitton’s meticulous attention to detail in all aspects, from technology and materials to buttons and zippers, demonstrates the brand’s rich heritage and unwavering dedication to love and craftsmanship.

Who Attended the Show

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jared Leto, Lenny Kravitz, Zendaya, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, Naomi Campbell, and Rihana.

Soundtrack for the Show

The event was spectacular: a real golf cart was rolling along the podium, presenting luggage bags. Pharrell himself wrote a couple of soundtracks specifically for this show, and the finale was accompanied by the singing of the choir and the exit of the entire design team to bow.


The collection turned out to be ambiguous, as they are already saying in the fashion world. For the sake of fairness and the desire to support Pharrell. It is worth noting that the debut shows of many designers have met with criticism. For example, Tom Ford’s first collection for Gucci.