How to Get a STEPN invite Code

After downloading STEPN, you’ll find yourself hit with a roadblock that no amount of running will get you past: needing an invite code.

METHOD 1: 2000 Codes Released Daily

The most reliable yet somewhat boring way to get one is wait. Everyday 2,000 invite codes are made available to users on the STEPN Discord (1000 codes) and Telegram (1000 codes). The codes are released through a STEPN website at 12:00 (mid-day) Australian Eastern Daylight Time / 13:00 UTC time. This link will show you what time STEPN codes are released in your local timezone.

You can join the STEPN Discord by clicking here, or the STEPN Telegram by visiting their Linktree here. You’ll find the link to each respective code site on each.

Do not ask or harrass people for a code on Telegram or trust anyone who messages you outside the group promising to “sell” you their code – the codes are free – simply read the pinned messages in Telegram and go to the site which releases the codes. Even using the word “code” on STEPN’s Telegram will get your message deleted instantly.

METHOD 2: Getting involved in the community (easier)

I got my code by reading the STEPN Reddit and stumbling across one that someone friendly had shared. Thankfully nobody had used it yet, and I was able to join the STEPN beta. So my advice is to read the Reddit, join the Discord, and keep your eyes out, a code will likely pop-up, and if you’re helpful to other new members and ask politely, someone might give you one. Keep in mind that people’s invite codes have to be earned by them and it takes a while, so not everyone has a spare one and many people choose to give it to a friend or their partner before a stranger on the internet.

METHOD 3: Get Scammed by Someone

The above two methods are the only way you can get an invite to STEPN. People will try and take advantage of this, and try to sell you a STEPN invite when in reality they’re just trying to get you to transfer them cryptocurrency before they block you and run away with your money. NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR PAYMENT OR ASKS YOU TO ENTER PERSONAL DETAILS TO GET A CODE. The only two ways are to go to the STEPN code website at 12 AEDT / 13 UTC and be quick. The other way is to be nice/helpful in the Discord and ask if anyone has one they’re not using.

Once you’ve got a sneaker, read our STEPN sneaker buyers guide by clicking here.

Keep in mind that once you’ve used an invite code, you’ll still need to buy a sneaker, because the “rent a sneaker” feature has not yet been released (as of April 2022). If you cannot afford to spend >10 Solana (over $1000 USD, check the price of Solana here) on a pair of sneakers, then an invite code won’t be useful yet…

Have a spare code you’d like to share? Leave a comment with your STEPN invite codes below
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