Accused of Title IX? Things you need to know

As per federal law of the United States, those universities that receive federal funding must ensure that cases of sexual assault or gender discrimination do not take place on their campus. In this regard, educational institutions need to take the matter very seriously and if the accused is found guilty, he may face severe consequences. Moreover, even the accused must be given a chance in order to prove his innocence. Hence, if you have been accused of a Title IX violation, you may face both legal and disciplinary actions. Therefore, according to a Texas Title IX advisor,  you must have knowledge about the investigation process and measures that you can take.

Take the matter seriously

If you are not able to prove your innocence, you may face dire consequences that will not only lead to your termination from school but may also have a great impact on your career. Hence, you must take the necessary steps to prove your innocence.

Understand your legal rights

Even when you have been accused of Title IX violations, you still have certain rights that will protect you during the investigation process. These rights ensure that you get an impartial and fair investigation.

Seek legal help

You must consider getting an experienced attorney who has a good record of handling Title IX cases. He will not only guide you throughout the proceedings but will even help you protect your rights.

Go through the Title IX policies of your institute

Many educational institutions have policies and procedures to handle Title IX cases. And therefore, it is very essential to understand these guidelines so that you become fully aware of the steps that need to be taken for the investigation.

Keep things confidential

Do not share the details of the case unnecessarily with anyone, maintain the privacy of your case, and do not post anything related to it on social media.

Be in charge of evidence

You should collect evidence and preserve them at all costs. Evidence may include text messages, emails, statements of the witnesses, etc.

Do not lie

When the investigation starts and questions are put in front of you, you must truthfully tell everything that happened. This helps create confidence and enhances your credibility.

Keep patience

Title IX investigations take a lot of time and it is quite understandable if you lose your calm at times. However, it is essential that you have patience and let the investigation take its own time.

Stay emotionally strong

Getting accused of Title IX violations may disturb you emotionally and therefore, you should seek emotional help from your friends, family members, etc.